Thursday, June 8, 2017

72 hours in Montreal

A few weeks ago myself, Ruben, my brother Alex and his girlfriend Nicky decided to take a quick road trip to Montreal for the long weekend! Luckily this beautiful city is only about six hours away from Toronto so it makes for the perfect, quick getaway. I've been to Montreal many times and something about it always has me wanting more. This charming, historic city with European vibes is a little slice of heaven. If I had it my way, I'd probably visit every weekend (or move there, except I don't speak French...)

I was planning to create a city guide, but since it was a quick trip I preferred to be more in the moment and enjoy each place we went. I also didn't get to visit all the places on my list, so that will be saved for next time and a future city guide! Instead I decided to share a photo journal documenting some of the highlights of the trip. All photos were taken on iPhone, mostly because I was lazy but also because I wanted to not worry about playing around with the camera. ENJOY!

Obviously our first stop was poutine and beers in Old Montreal!

When life gives you lemons in a colourful window sill, you take a photo. Cute little cafes and shops littered the streets of Old Montreal.

After lots of walking around in the sun it was time to quench our thirst with delicious cocktails! We stumbled upon Venice MTL and had a few drinks and enjoyed the cool, Californian vibes. Would have liked to try their food - next time! Definitely a nice spot to check out.

Petit déjeuner! Tommy Cafe was a great spot to start our morning on day two. Good atmosphere + good food and drinks = perfection. This is the perfect spot to relax and chat or get work done! 

The Palais Des Congres is a really neat building to check out. I first discovered this colourful glass building on my first trip to Montreal in 2005. It's so amazing to check out and see the way the light hits the colour window panes to reflect inside. Also in the same building was an art installation of pink concrete trees as pictured above.

We had fantastic weather the whole time we were there which was perfect for walking around and getting to see lots of different parts of the city such as Ste. Catherine, the Plateau and the Mile End. I love how accessible everything is by public transit; we relied heavily on the metro (and uber after hours). I really hope we can visit again sometime this Summer - Montreal you were such a treat! 
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