Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cuba is for lovers

Well hello there! It's been a while...

Almost halfway through March, and while it sure was nice to take a break, it's time to get caught up! Ruben and I took a vacation a few weeks ago to get away and relax in Cuba and boy was that just what the doctor ordered! At the beginning of the year we wanted to make it a goal of travelling more, starting off with a trip to Chicago to celebrate my 25th birthday. As Ruben's 25th birthday approached, we thought it was only fair to go away for his birthday too, so we booked a trip one week prior to leaving! Talk about spontaneity. Both of us had not taken a full week off work in almost a year and a half, so we were a little overdue for a relaxing vacation.

Typically when we go away on trips, we always have our phones out and are taking tons of photos, but this trip was a little different. We didn't take too many photos, because most of our days were spent pool or beach side with a drink or two in hand and enjoying each other's company. In fact, almost every day I left my phone in the room and it was so refreshing and nice to just tune out and take a break. 

This was our 3rd time visiting Cuba, and although we would've loved to venture around Havana and explore, this trip was the perfect, relaxing vacation! We stayed at an all inclusive and didn't leave the resort once. All we needed was the sun, the beach and/or pool and a few drinks and we were quite happy. We'll save the adventures for next time. Here are some of our photos from beautiful Cayo Santa Maria!

Bottomless mojitos and strawberry daiquiris? YES PLEASE.

Poolside with a good book = best way to start your day

The foam party at the pool was probably the most fun we had!

C H E E R S !

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