Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Made with LOVE

It's no secret that Ruben and I love music, it's what brought us together! When we first started talking, we would send each other Youtube links via Facebook chat of our favourite songs or bands. I'm a huge music nerd, so I thought sending him really cool stuff that I loved, would impress him. And guess what? It did!! I still have the chat to prove it, and when we look back I can't help but make fun of how terrible his taste in music was, and how awesome mine still is ;) Needless to say, we fell in love because of music. 
For our first date, he invited me to a concert to see a band he loved and I hadn't heard of. It was a hardcore/screamo type band so that was interesting! We bought matching band t-shirts from that show, which we both still have. In the beginning, we would make each other playlists and exchange mix CD's (I still have the first one he ever gave me!) We still make playlists for one another; when we miss each other, to say sorry, or to fit whatever mood we may be in. We have gone to countless concerts, shows and festivals together, and have quite the extensive collection of ticket stubs to prove it! Together we created a playlist with some of our favourite love songs - from The Beatles, to Broken Social Scene. I hope your day is filled with love and you enjoy this playlist of songs, as much as we do. 

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