Friday, January 20, 2017

Weekend links 07

Happy Friday you guys!!! Is it just me or have these first few weeks of 2017 literally been flying by? I can't complain because the sooner Friday comes, the better! Anyone else super obsessed with neon signs lately or just me? Every time I stumble upon a neon sign I have to snap a photo! I loved the above one I snapped inside Frank and Oak on Queen Street and couldn't help but hear Kevin Parker sing 'Let it happen' in my head on repeat for the rest of the day! ANYHOW, I managed to bookmark quite a mishmash of links that I've come across this week and l o v e d! As always, I love to share my findings, so please enjoy :) 

My fav photo editing app A Color Story just launched a filter pack in collaboration with Glitter Guide and they are absolutely GORGEOUS! 

SPOON (one of my favourite bands) just announced their new album and debuted a new single! Can't wait till March 17th

This Valentine's Day Heart Balloon Wall has me feeling the need to host a V-Day party

A super insightful Blog Q&A post about drafting content (also, I'm 97% sure I'm the one who asked this question!!!)

These DIY glitter resin pins are totally amazing!!! I want to make some right now

Probably, most definitely making this DIY Instax calendar 

Another awesome launch by the team at Studio DIY - check out their balloon shop!!!

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