Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Blue Christmas

Winter is officially upon us and we've been dumped on with lots of snow and slush! While most people around the world get excited for snow, I'm not the biggest fan. I like to admire it from a distance (like from inside my warm house!) When it comes to trekking out into the cold, wet snow, count me out! It also makes it especially hard to figure out what to wear.

As weird as it may be, I always plan and think about my outfits in advance for special events and occasions - Christmas is no exception. Anyone else do this? I guess it's because since I was a child, I was brought up always having something "special" to wear on Christmas and I've carried it into my adulthood. After spotting the perfect blue wall in our neighbourhood, I thought I'd take the opportunity to "test drive" a potential outfit for Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas day! 
Jacket: Zara (past season) | Shirt: Zara | Jeans: Levi's | Boots: Old Navy | Purse: H&M (old) | Earrings: Fresh Tangerine

While I'm still undecided on my Christmas outfit, I'm excited to play around and see what will become my "special" look for this year's festivities! I also may go with something less weather appropriate seeing as all celebrations will be done in the comfort of a cozy, warm home and not the cold slushy snow! 

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