Wednesday, November 16, 2016


HELLO NOVEMBER! Seriously, where has the time gone?! We're already halfway through November which means we're that much closer to Christmas and the end of the year! I'm sorry I've been MIA around these parts lately, it's not what I had planned. Between settling into our apartment, weekly IKEA trips, and networking, life has been moving so fast I've hardly had the time to slow down and reflect. 

I've seen a couple of my favourite bloggers do this kind of feature where they share what's up currently in their lives and thought it would be a fun way to share updates and insights into my life, currently! Maybe it will become a monthly feature, hmmmmm.....

ENJOYING: Ruben and I love finally having a space of our own to decorate and relax in. It's been about a month and a half since we moved in and we're constantly working hard to make it feel like a cozy home. I really enjoy coming home after a long day of work and cooking dinner while hanging out together. Laying on the couch or in bed watching Netflix and listening to records is one of our favourite things to do at home. 

WATCHING: Netflix series always find a way to suck you in! We've been watching a lot of Black Mirror lately, which is a pretty crazy show. I have to admit, after the third episode I got a little bored (mostly because we usually watch it when I'm really tired and I fall asleep, oops!) but I have to give it another shot. It's a crazy concept and it really makes you think about the effect technology could have on us in the future - very scary!

FEELING: SO inspired! I recently attended a workshop hosted by Paige of Studio Bicyclette and Alyssa Random Acts of Pastel - two of my favourite Toronto bloggers. It was such a great event filled with so much knowledge and insight, which really left me feeling inspired to create and work on my brand. I met a lot of awesome people at the event and it was really fun to network with like-minded individuals. I really hope to do more of that in and around Toronto.

LISTENING TO: When a new album drops by an artist we like, Ruben always has it on repeat. Lately, we've really been enjoying Solange' new record - A Seat at the Table. It's so beautifully written and the melodies are soothing and nice. Also can't stop spinning Local Native's most recent album Sunlit Youth - I love this album so much! We can't help but sing along to the catchy songs (as with all Local Natives material).

DREAMING OF: Going on vacation! It feels like it's been forever since we've taken a trip together anywhere, we're waaaaaay overdue. Ruben has been travelling a lot lately for work, and it's making my inner travel bug come out and I can't help but create lists of all the places I want to go. With it being the end of the year, it's hard to find the time to go anywhere now, but I'm hopeful in the new year we can plan a get away, perhaps to celebrate our 25th birthdays! Currently dreaming of sunny California + palm trees + ocean breeze + in & out....

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