Wednesday, September 7, 2016

So long sweet Summer!

Needless to say, Summer is my absolute favourite season! I love the warm weather, wearing dresses and sipping on cold drinks; so it's safe to mention I'm pretty bummed it's all over so quickly. I can't say it enough, this summer seriously flew by! Looking back on it, I did so many amazing things with so many amazing people and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

Not only did I start my blog near the beginning of the summer, I am so proud of myself for documenting all the good times we had so I can look back on summer 2016 as one of the best yet! I was also so glad to finally create and publish my summer to-do list (something I've always wanted to do) I think part of the reason this summer was so great was that I made this list, and crossed a lot off of it. I'm going to have to start a trend of making all seasonal to-do lists! 

I thought it would be nice to look back on some of the fun things we did this summer, including the things I crossed off the list! And now, a moment of silence for Summer 2016....

Took a road trip to NYC with Ruben! Left on a Friday morning and came home on a Monday, a short but sweet trip.

Went on a wine tour with some of the best gals to celebrate my sister-in-law for her  bachelorette! It was a really beautiful and fun weekend in Niagara on the lake.

Caught a double feature at the Drive in - we saw Popstar and The Nice Guys. One of my favourite summer time traditions is going to the drive in with lots of snacks and blankets. 

Antique Hunting! Went a few times this summer to my favourite market in Aberfoyle, but I think for the most part I left empty-handed. Luckily the season goes on until October!

Went to the best music festival (Wayomhe) with my most favourite people! We camped for three days under the stars and got to see so many amazing bands - definitely one of the biggest highlights of my summer. 

Hit up the Toronto Flower Market and left with this cute little prickly cactus that will forever remind me of Summer 2016

Spent the day exploring Kensington Market eating good food and checking out awesome shops.

There was no shortage of ice cream dates this summer! Every opportunity was a good opportunity for a cold treat (and a photo op)

We enjoyed a beautiful day at the Toronto Island, having a picnic in the sand by the water

Of course we went to The EX for some end of summer fun and the last hurrah!

And probably one of my favourite things to happen this summer, my brother married his best friend - Adriana! It was the most beautiful wedding and the perfect end to summer.

This little look back on my summer makes me feel so emotional because I'm so sad it's over and now in the past, but I love to reflect back on all the good times that were had. I'm feeling pretty optimistic for what's ahead in Autumn and look forward to creating more memories with my friends and family to share with you! Bring on the pumpkin carving and halloween treats and colourful hikes -I'm ready for you Fall! 

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