Tuesday, August 2, 2016

One month of blogging

August is here and that means it has been just over a month since I started my blog - yay! I wanted to take this opportunity to talk and reflect about my first month blogging; how it's inspired me, and where I hope to take it in the future. 

July was one of the fastest and most busy months for me so far this year. Between working full time, selling our house and finding the time to fuel myself creatively, the month flew by and I have never felt more drained! Despite being tired and having some moments of stress here and there, the feeling of accomplishment and reward has been worth it. More importantly, I've had a lot of fun coming up with different ideas and sharing them here with like-minded individuals. After one month of regular blogging, I have a new found appreciation and love for all my favourite blogs I read, and all the work that goes into them. I'm feeling more inspired than ever before to go out and do things, and share bits and pieces of my life and the things I love!

Over the past month I've shared a lot of style based posts, as well as insights into my life with my weekly snaps and what's keeping me inspired via my Friday links and playlist posts. With my intentions of this being a lifestyle blog, my plan is to dive more into beauty, DIY and food/drink in the coming months. I have a lot of exciting posts planned for August and I hope you come back to check them out! I would also love any recommendations for posts and content you'd like to see. Please leave me a comment or reach out to me via email or social media - looking forward to hearing from you and thank you SO much for visiting and supporting my blog. 

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