Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Let's go to The EX!

Sadly, you know summer is coming to an end when the CNE (a.k.a. Canadian National Exhibition a.k.a The EX) rolls into Toronto. The final few weeks and last call to soak up summer fun before kids head back to school and the weather takes a turn. I never went to the CNE as a kid, in fact - I only went for the first time about 2 years ago! Crazy, right? I think so at least, because it seems to be a huge tradition among a lot of Canadian families. Ruben and I decided to take a much needed day off this past Friday to head out to explore the EX for a fun double-date with my brother Alex, and his girlfriend Nicki! We had such a good time walking around and trying some of the tasty (and weird) food creations that are always offered.
There was so much colour and inspiration everywhere I looked! I loved stopping to admire all the rides, games and food vendors. There's something so nostalgic and awesome about spending time at the local fair, the feeling of youth and happiness combined. I think everyone can agree fair's bring out the inner child in you.
First thing we did when we got there was hunt down the snow cones! It was super hot and we needed a treat to cool us down and it definitely hit the spot. It was the first of many sugary treats we had to fuel our day. Although I left without cotton candy in hand, we did get deep fried mars bars and Twinkies! Followed by Tiny Toms donuts which is ALWAYS a must - gotta love those warm, powdered sugar mini donuts.
We didn't opt to get on any of the rides, instead we just walked around and took photos of them haha. I guess my brother and I have always had a fear of the rides at the EX because of old tails and rumors about people dying on them...or maybe that's just what our parents always told us so they never had to take us there and spend money on it LOL!I think next year I want to try out some of the rides - they do look quite fun! I have a year to work up my courage...

An enjoyable day overall and another thing I can cross off my summer to-do list! What are some of your favourite summer or end of summer traditions?

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