Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Blueberry lemonade

Hello again! I'm comin' atcha with another (attempt) at a delicious creation. First off let me start by saying, I am no bartender but I do love a good cocktail! I'm all for a simple yet delicious drink you can easily make with a few things. Although summer may be coming to an end, this refreshing blueberry lemonade will have you holding onto summer while you 
sip. I first tried a similar drink while celebrating Canada Day and was immediately hooked. When we went to Wayhome, this was one of our mix drinks of choice because it was so refreshing not to mention quick and easy.

-Blueberry flavoured vodka 
-Lemonade (fresh or store bought)
-Tonic water or club soda (something to add a bit of *fizz*)
-Fresh blueberries
-Lemon slices for garnish

When making this drink, I didn't really measure anything out, just eye-balled it. Depending on how much you feel like partying, add about one shot (or more) of blueberry vodka over ice. Add lemonade and tonic water till it looks about equal parts, taste it just to be sure! Throw in some blueberries and add a lemon to the drink or glass for garnish. VOILA! The easiest cocktail ever to enjoy on a hot summer afternoon.

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