Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by - welcome to Eleanor and Emilio. First off, let me introduce myself – I’m Blythe! I’m so excited to finally have a blog up and running to share more of my world, with the world. Eleanor and Emilio is an idea I thought up in my head years ago, but always pushed it aside to revisit at a later time. One hot summer afternoon, I finally designated some time for myself to sit down and get the ball rolling, and here we are! I have a wide range of interests and hobbies, and constantly find myself thinking up different ideas, finding inspiration everywhere I go and always have the urge to travel and explore new places. I hope to share more of what inspires me, things that I love, and my constant wanderlust. I couldn't have done this without the constant encouragement from my #1 supporter, Ruben!

Please be patient as I’m still new to this and am learning the ropes of this whole blogging thing. I would LOVE to hear any suggestions for posts and topics you would be interested in and hope to see you back here! 

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